Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall is Coming!

It's just around the corner. I swear I felt it this morning, but at 82 degrees, I think it was wishful thinking. Perhaps it was walking by the open screen door while passing under an air vent that gave me the illusion. In any case, I'm strangely excited. Fall always seems to give me that "feel-good" feeling inside. Comfort food, camp-fires, spending more time with family. It's such a cozy time.

For years I was anything BUT a fan of cold weather. Two years ago I finally accepted scarves and jackets as wonderful accessories and I've been transformed ever since. I'm not saying "bring it on" to freezing temperatures, but a slight chill in the air has something so refreshing about it. Not to mention, this is Florida, and there's no serious chill factor until that one week in February right before it hits 90 degrees.

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