Friday, October 23, 2009

Project Time!

I am in the mood for projects! I've got a small list forming and can't decide what to tackle first. But in any case, I hope to have transformed a few spaces and added a new hobby or two to my agenda within the next few weeks.

So far on the list:
Transform bedroom (caved in) closet to a small office space
Organize spare bedroom (replacement) closet to house my clothing without caving in
Start a small vegetable garden--late in the year, but Florida weather should comply
Paint bedroom furniture to match the color scheme of the bedroom
Transform the spare bedroom into...something?

I am a HUGE list person and I rarely accomplish all that I list out, but I'm hoping to at least knock out half of these before the end of the year. I love the sense of accomplishment I get after finishing a sizeable project. With any luck, I'll get off my butt and do something and have some cool before and after pictures to show off. Fingers crossed!

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