Thursday, January 21, 2010


Does anyone want to pack for me? I can't seem to stay focused. It's funny, at work all I think about is the things I need to pack when I get home and I absolutely cannot concentrate on the task at hand. As soon as I clock out for the day and head home to get everything done I've obsesssed about ALL DAY, I can't remember anything that I wanted to do. I swear, at 2PM I had a plan for how I was going to get all of this done quickly! At 7:00 PM, I'm trying to find anything else to do while praying that the boxes magically fill themselves.


This is my last week before being fully moved in to my new place. You would think it'd be easy since I'm ordering all new furniture so I only have to move small stuff, but I swear it's more difficult!

Ok, back to it. Here I go!

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