Monday, March 29, 2010

Chowin' Down

My main goal this week: tackle my warped sense of healthy eating! After a mini-trek to Atlanta this weekend and eating that which I shall list below (and I'm INCREDIBLY embarrassed about), I've decided it's time to be much more conscious of what it is that I'm putting into my body. It's nice to think that I'm doing alright with what I'm eating but it will do me no good if it's all make believe! After one month of hardcore ass-kicking workouts and hardly any change in the way I look (with the exception of that baby bicep), it's obvious that I'm a cheater.

This past weekend I ate:
Chik-Fil-A breakfast chicken sandwich, tots, and coke
Zaxby's chicken fingers (can't believe they call it chicken), fries, slaw, texas toast, unsweet tea
Veggie Slice of Pizza
2 Strongbow pints
3 PBRs
Salt & Vinegar potato chips
....and that was all on Friday.
Breakfast burrito with eggs, salsa verde, potatoes, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, and soysage (yes, soysage)
Hardee's mini-thickburger, fries, and peach tea
Dynamite sushi roll
....not AS terrible as the day before, but still--yikes.
Pancakes with syrup
Doritos Chili Nacho Chips & Root beer
Chicken & yellow rice with vegetables
Ice cream cake
....Still not the best way to round out the weekend.

I knew that Friday was quite possibly one of my worst days for eating in quite some time, but I feel like putting the whole weekend in writing and in front of my face is the only way for me to see the light.

So, this week, I've shopped for food which I shall cook myself. No more alcohol Sunday through Thursday. And until this is all a habit, I'm writing every little stupid thing down.

Bootcamp was cancelled this morning but it does resume tomorrow and I know that I will pay.

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