Sunday, March 21, 2010

Workin' It

At the onset of March (now, almost the onset of April), I realized that bikini season was right around the corner. Not only have I got a few ripples to smooth out in the thigh region, I've also got a few mental ripples in need of smoothing out. The gym I sometimes went to for so many years is now sadly, out of my way which did not make things any easier when I decided I wanted to make a few changes.

I searched my new neighborhood and found an excellent gym in my area offering a monthly boot camp program. The sessions are four (sometimes 5) mornings a week consisting of work-outs no longer than 45 minutes at a time. I definitely get an ass-kicking, but not so much that I can't function at work the rest of the day. Perhaps it was having to drop some dollars (previously, I paid nothing to work out), or perhaps it was the feel-good endorphins that got pumped through my brain and the sense of accomplishment I got after each workout. But I know I'll be going back next month to do it all over again. I am seeing myself do things I had practically given up on--running a mile, seeing my biceps, push-ups (NOT the girl kind). It's a pretty good feeling.

Exercising has also gotten me thinking a little differently about my diet as well. Growing up in a southern Italian family, it was all fried chicken, pizza, pasta, and a variety of smothered dishes. While I know I can't give up completely some of these that seem like home to me, I know I can change up a lot of what I take in to make things better inside and out. I somehow scored a free subscription to SELF magazine and steal my boss' left-over issues of body + soul, and Natural Health which all have fun work-outs and recipes. I've also scored a copy of Skinny Bitch for my pre-bedtime reading. I don't know that I'll be able to go vegan or even straight vegetarian any time soon, but it definitely puts into perspective everything that I've been putting into my body all these years and gets me thinking about changes I'd like to make.

If I can make this a habit, which I'd ultimately like to do, I'll consider updating regularly on my progress. We shall see!


  1. i'm so proud of you - waking up early every morning, i don't know how you do it! you could totally do the vegetarian thing so easily.

    keep all the hard work up!

  2. I don't know if I can give up my precious, precious meat, though I do intend on lowering the intake. I don't like feeling like I don't have a choice, so I'll still need to consider myself omnivorous for now!