Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside

Is delightful! OK, so it's a bit overcast and a little on the cool side but if it makes it possible for me to use windows instead of AC and cut my electricity bill IN HALF then I LOVE IT! Weather, stay this way!

With good weather comes the urge for me to start that mini-gardening project I envisioned when I moved to my humble abode. Without a yard, I need to restrict everything to pots and the like. I've been craving a window box herb garden. Recently, I found this picture on the Facebook profile of Green Lotus Organics, a local business which makes organic soaps.

I have the perfect place for such an herb garden contraption right outside my kitchen door. I'm also considering investing in a Topsy Turvy or two for things like tomatoes and zucchini. The back steps will allow for a pot on each step for things like spinach, garlic, peppers, and onions.

The real question is: can I keep up with it? I have a short attention span when it comes to projects. Though, this one could end up saving me lots of money and helping me eat healthier so...fingers crossed I get started on it soon!

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