Friday, April 2, 2010


This past Thursday marked my 1 month completion of boot camp, also known as Measurement Day! Sadly, it went exactly how I thought it would. Absolutely no changes in the shape of my body and only a pound (less) of a difference. Granted, I'm not especially trying to lose weight, but I had hoped for a more sculpted look by now. My trainer was equally disappointed and will be measuring my Body Mass Index tomorrow and go by that instead, due to my current leanness.

Of course, I know quite well that the lack of change is due to the lack of change of diet until this week. I'm fairly proud of myself, I must say! I cooked from scratch a few nights and the times I went out to eat, I decided to go the vegetarian route just to be on the safe side. Needless to say, there's been a LOT of fruit and veggies and much less meat than I'm used to. But I feel pretty good! I don't plan to go vegetarian--I actually had a deliciously cooked tilapia tonight, courtesy of my boyfriend. I think being more aware of where my food comes from and what it is that I'm eating is going to make a huge difference.

So long as I got a cute hiney by swimsuit season, it's all good!

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