Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

I realize I haven't showcased a meat-friendly meal yet.  Believe it or not, I'm quite omnivorous!  It wasn't until the past five years or so that I gave more attention to veggies and the last year that I've considered throwing fruit into my diet.  Since the meat industry seems to be so sketch, I've begun to monitor how much meat I eat and get my protein from other sources several days of the week.  Alas, I can't completely cut out the good stuff.  Instead, I pay a little more for meat that was raised cage free by farmers who receive fair wages, animals who eat the diet they were born to consume, and are free of unnecessary hormones and antibiotics.  Interested in find locally grown, organic meat in your area?  Visit LocalHarvest.org to find a farm near you!

That being said, my bootcamp buddy Margaret recently shared this kickass recipe with me that I shall now share with you!

Food & Wine's Curried-Chicken & Vegetable Pan Roast

Aside from cutting this recipe into a third (the original serves 12!) and adding chopped carrots, I followed the instructions to a T.  The dish is so simple to make, with the most work being cutting up a butternut squash.  I'm not a huge fan of brussel sprouts and have fought with my parents since my beginning that I will. not. eat. them.  My boyfriend (aka guinea pig) shares my opinions on the green farty-tasting veggie, yet we both totally dug them in this dish!  Not the slightest fart taste!  Four servings was enough for both of us to have lunch (and then some) the next day and I won't lie--knowing I got to enjoy this meal again had me super excited for lunchtime! 

Go ahead and cut up the veggies ahead of time.  When you come home and know you don't want to spend all evening in the kitchen yet you want a delicious meal, you just have to put everything in the pan and into the oven for a low-maintenance, yummy, good-for-your-tummy dinner!

Coming up this month: a little sugar, posers and spinners, Back on Track results, Healthy Hearty food and Rugged Racing!  Don't act like you can't feel the suspense!


  1. I am so proud I could forget you ever tossed my gell candy over the fence.
    - a brussel sprout lover

  2. I'm sure it was to keep you from eating something unhealthy and not at all because I was just a mean kid! Glad you love me anyway. <3

  3. Don't worry- I never ever tried one again. Let alone much other candy. I have been known to put syrup on my ketchup covered hash browns, BUT I promise it only happens about 3 times a year. Go Veggies! Keep on keepin' on my love!

  4. humm...well the veggies look good. and btw i use to not like brussel sprouts but i had them at chew one night and fell in love....they are awesome when cooked correctly.