Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Candid Camera Camping Part 2

Around 4:30 the next morning, the wind was roaring through the prairie and the stars were absolutely radiant.  At around 6:30, we were both brave enough to face the weather head on and stared at an amazing sunrise.  It was also 35 degrees which was a bit of a surprise to us, camping in southern Florida and all…we finally decided to rise and shine if for nothing else, than to make a campfire.  The oatmeal and tea were a huge plus as well! 

With a full day ahead of us, we decided it was high time to bike around and explore a bit.  The oh-so-amazing and motivated boyfriend suggested the Military Trail.  Why not? Maybe because it was all sugar sand and we had 20 MPH crosswinds the entire time, I don’t know…Every 10 pedal motions, I was falling off my bike and/or cursing the sand.  Again, how he did not kill me at this time, I’ll never know but will always applaud his patience under extreme annoyance.  That was the day I decided I hated mountain biking.  The upside: awesome wildlife sightings (we saw Bambi and his whole family!) and a breathtaking view.

After a few hours, we headed back to camp.  Due to our early rising, we both took a bit of a nap and finally got a little of that “unplug and unwind” action we’d been craving.  The rest of the afternoon was spent gathering firewood, followed by a three course meal of ramen, beans, and s’mores and finishing up before bed with an astronomy session.  Never have I ever seen so many stars.  During these hours, I was reminded of why I so badly wanted this trek with this oh-so-amazing and motivated boyfriend of mine. 

The weather only got colder the second night. Neither of us slept very well.  By 8:00AM, we began to pack up and head out, excited for warmth.  The bike ride back to our car was only a tiny bit less insane, what with it being light out this time.  I think I complained five less times than I did on the way in.

Alas, we made it home.  To celebrate our survival, we treated ourselves to a fancy dinner (indoors) that we didn’t have to cook ourselves, accompanied by adult beverages.  Deeeelish! 

This might have been the kookiest outdoor trek of my life.  But I’d do it again!  You know, assuming it’s15 degrees warmer, the air mattress pump is charged, and we don’t get lost. 

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