Monday, January 16, 2012

Fancy Flashy New Shoes!

Bought these pretty little ladies today on a whim before my bootcamp (aka torture) session.  They are the Mizuno Wave Elixr 6 and they are what happens when Fun meets Functionality!  I've been longing for a pair of shoes with a funky design that don't make my feet look too big because let's face it; I'm one size away from shoe shopping at the tranny store.  These puppies fit the bill with their WHAM! IN YOUR FACE! poppin' blue and lime design.  They also happen to be extremely lightweight, yet offer the support I need for a little problem I have called over pronation.

Unfortunately, I've had some sort of near-death disease for the past week so running is out of the question because I prefer just being able to breathe (only a slightly dramatic statement).  I did give them a bit of a whirl during bootcamp and they felt great during all of our jumping up/stepping over/torturous activities.  The rest of me wanted to die, but who needs a working body when you've got comfy feet?!  Hoping for a legit test run on Wednesday to see what these babies are made of.

Here's to hoping my shin splint woes will run away! 

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