Monday, April 2, 2012

A: Accomplishing Goals (or Not)

I'm a wee bit late finding out about this A - Z Blog Challenge but I'm interested in giving it a go!  Starting at the top, we're at the Letter A which fits quite well with something that's been on my mind lately: accomplishing my goals.

Last night I scanned old entries in my journal and found a pattern of the same things: "I want to save money, I want to eat/drink healthier, I want to kick ass at boot camp every time I want to be motivated at work every day".  I'm almost ashamed to say this has been going on for over two years!  And yet, my pants are still too tight, I often enjoy more wine than water after 5pm, the piggy bank's empty, and I spent waaay too much time on gossip columns instead of financial reports at the office. Why is it that I'm really good at writing my goals out and terrible at achieving them?

My boo and I exchanged goals last summer to hold each other accountable.  We'd check in about once a week and he'd get onto me when I faltered.  But hey, when you're living 450 miles apart, it gets pretty easy to say, "oh, I ate plenty of vegetables today, boo! [onmypizza]"

As of tonight, I've finished off the last of the pizza and made a goal to eat only food I find in my kitchen, rather than spending money to eat out. In theory, this should prevent me from eating any more crap.  Strange, but for some reason, the one goal I typically can accomplish is keeping bad-for-you food out of my grocery cart.  Of course, it is useless when I find myself too lazy to pack a lunch or cook a breakfast and hitting up the drive-thru instead.  But if it works, it could make my ass smaller, my wallet bigger, and my energy levels higher.  Not going to lie, folks--that would be awesome.

So this is where I'm open to suggestions.  How do you stay on track to achieve your goals?  How do you replace your terrible habits with good ones?  How do you decide that the impossible is, in fact, possible? And am I the only one who finds this stuff extremely difficult?!

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  1. Accomplishing small but meaningful goals may keep you motivated enough to work toward those larger ones. Yet, you are so right. It is easy to get sidetracked and give up. But hang in there!