Monday, April 2, 2012

B: is fo Buffalo Chicken Dinner!

In February, I found myself battling an insane buffalo chicken craving for weeks (thanks, Superbowl).  Sadly, just looking at the nutrition facts for a meal at my local wing joints made the my zippers want to bust.  I decided if I was going to satisfy my craving while keeping my diet in check I needed to get a little creative.  So I decided to make my own!  Equally delicious and coming in at 1,000 calories less than your average meal at Hooters, what's not to love?!  Not gonna lie, I even cooked while wearing orange shorts!

This might be one of the most basic recipes I've ever posted.

For the chicken:
I opted for drumsticks instead in an effort to prevent myself from overindulging on a zillion wings.  It's easy to blow through 10 before I've realized I've overdone it.  Two drumsticks was the perfect amount to fill my belly and not blow the calories out of the water.  I marinated them in a ziplock for an hour in regular buffalo wing sauce, flipping ever 15 minutes--could've flipped less and even marinated longer, I just get antsy when I'm marinating!

For the fries (because you canNOT have buffalo chicken without fries!):
I sliced a potato to fry-size, placed on a baking sheet in one layer, spritzed with a bit of olive oil and gave two shakes of seasoned salts.  Much fancier than (and just as crispy) frying.

Both the chicken and the fries went into the oven together at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes.  Halfway through, I removed both from the oven to flip (we can't burn our goodies!) and placed them back in.

As proper chicken wing cravings cannot be fully satisfied without something proper to dip them in, I decided to go for ranch dressing.  Regular ranch tends to pack on a ton of calories and fat for days in just two tablespoons.  For only 80 calories and 0% fat, I instead mixed Greek Yogurt with Ranch dip powder. Let me tell you, it tastes just like the real deal!

As soon as my timer went off, there was nothing left for me to do but serve up a plate and dig right in!  Knowing there's nothing to feel guilty about only added to the yummy factor.  So go on, do it!  You will thank me.

And a month and a half later, I am once again craving buffalo chicken.  Thank you, self.

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