Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I: is for Intervals

Sorry to be tardy, my A-Z friends.  This whole "back to reality" thing after vacation is a butt kicker (much like today's topic)!

Who doesn't want to add more variety to their workout, build endurance, and burn more calories?  Ladies and gents, the secret is interval training!  Interval training breaks a workout up into periods of high intensity work and periods of rest (my favorite part).  Aside from all of the awesome advantages listed above, interval training can also be used for any style of workout!  Whether your lifting weights, running, doing cardio or body weight exercises, you can get more from the workout by adjusting the speed and intensity at which you work.

Work vs Rest periods can be defined in two different ways: measured intervals and fartleks (haha funny word).  A measured interval is based on time: one minute of high intensity work, ie: burpees, followed by 30 seconds of rest.  Fartleks (it says FART!) are based more on how the body feels.  Using this method, you would do burpees until you could burpee no more and then you would rest until your body felt recovered to begin again.   This method is fairly common with cardio sports such as running or swimming. 

As with any exercise, during interval training it is very important to maintain proper form through your movements to prevent injury.  No one burned any calories by being laid up nursing wounds!  If you cannot safely execute a movement at a certain intensity, slow down a bit.  It it much better to be safe than sorry! 

I close today with some examples of Interval Workouts.  Happy Training!



  1. Great post...I love interval training and fartleks both are awesome for my running!!! Thanks so much for sharing a very informative post!

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